Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1

No orientation could prepare you for this. I thought my family would be somewhat fluent to English because their letters were pretty clear. They can speak little English and sometimes can't understand what I say. They told me they live in s narrow house...it's actually an apartment and I'm sharing a room with my host sister Haruka... boy is space limited! It's preparing my for a college dorm though which is good...
Last night we ate roast beef sandwiches and egg stuffed in rolls which was good and normal for me. For lunch today my host mother Kasumi and I ate fried octopus balls. It was ok until I cut the forth one in half and saw the suction cups and then I was done.
They are so extremely polite it's crazy. They treat me like a guest now but I wonder later if I will become part of the family. That might be difficult with the language barrier though.
Last night I was told I would be spending the night in a hotel in Tokyo and then meet my family the next day. When I got in the airport it was another story though. We were all so exhausted from the jet lag and the ones who were living in the Kanagawa prefecture were sent on a hour and a half ride bus to meet their families. They were holding up a little sign for me and were so polite! When we got in the car to go home they had Michael Jackson playing and I felt better.
Arriving last night I think I was so overwhelmed and emotional because I was tired, hungry and my plans were changed when I got there. Plus my host family couldn't understand English which kind of freaked me out.
Today though I feel much better and have begun to learn the Japanese alphabet :)
At 4:00pm we are leaving to pick up Hakura from the bus stop and maybe after that we will go shopping for a school skirt. I tried on Hakura's extra and I don't think Japanese women have hips lol.
Most things you hear about Japan life are true though. For beginners the doorways are shorter because everyone is shorter, they hang their clothes out to dry, the weather is hot and extremely humid, they conserve water like it's going out of style, they are SUPER nice and they are stacked right on top of each other in the city.
Tomorrow I head to school with Haruka for the first time.... wish me luck!! :)


  1. Hello Lindsey, I'm Miz from Toshiba coordinating the YFU program from NYC. I've been liaising with your father. It's great to read your blog. It might take a little bit of time to get used to but it's going to be a great experience, so relax and enjoy. It might be frustrating not understanding exactly what they say but it's a good opportunity to learn the language. Hope you get to go to Tokyo and the Toshiba Museum in Kawasaki - it's going to be fun! Keep bloging! Best wishes, Miz

  2. Hi Linsey!! I am Julia Tarnawski
    I will read your blog everytime you post on it; This is such an adventure and I am so proud/jealous of you! Enjoy it because you will see how TIME FLIES!
    HAVE FUN!!

  3. This is awesome Lindsey I can't wait to read the new things that you have done each day! o and good luck at school I am sure you will do great. and as always i will be praying for you! :)

  4. bahahahaha i can just imagine you losing it when you saw the octopus suction thingys!!!! hahahahahha
    -Rach Face