Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 11

Today Yuichi, Haruka and I went to the Yokohama Zoo. Of course it started to drizzle on our way there but it was so much fun anyway! The animals were basically the same as back home...bear, lion, elephant etc. The park had some very common animals in America though such as the red fox, wild rabbit, common donkey and a couple of pheasants. They also had some interesting ones too like the Japanese macaque, bush dog, ocelot, and my favorite.... the okapi! Everything in the park seemed to be centered around the okapi - it was hilarious! We even rode in a bus that looked like an okapi and had okapi sundaes! An okapi is the half zebra half horse animal. The park was about the same size as the Columbus zoo - and we were the only kids over five years old. This one little girl kept yelling "saru" and after about five minutes I asked Haruka what it meant. She was screaming "monkey monkey!" It's so funny to listen to little kids because I can't understand them either!
After a fun filled day at the zoo we headed home to barbecue outside, even though it was still raining. We broke out the BBQ sauce I brought from America and they loved it! I mean it wasn't really a surprise - who doesn't like BBQ sauce?! I tried for the first time a gold kiwi which was so sweet and not sour at all. We kept joking that our neighbors must think we are so weird to eat dinner in the rain!


  1. Your an amazing kid,keep it up. Love ya

  2. Howdy Lindsey, what's up today in the land of the rising sun?