Monday, June 14, 2010

Pre-departure Jitters

Monday June 14th,
Wake up this morning was 4:00am! Not like I got much sleep anyway...I mean how could I? This is WAY to exciting.
Finally the day has come... I've been repeating the date over and over for family and friends and now it's really happening!
The airport was awful this morning but we made it through with even a little time to spare for a quick nap. I am the ugliest sleeper - especially in public!
Right now we're all chilling in the Seattle airport waiting for our flight to leave at 1:00pm. Thus far that is the extent of my adventure.
Yesterday I found out I will be spending the night tonight in Tokyo too which is really exciting! We only have ten more hours in a plane which is the light at the end of the tunnel compared to how much time I've been flying lately.
I hope to sleep on the plane because I really need it!

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  1. lindsey, i miss you already and i have something to give to you that i have to remember because you aren't coming to our softball banquet. :/ have fun though :] ohh and get me a postcard or something ;]