Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 10

It's FRIDAY! Today while we were leaving for school Haruka got sick so I had to go alone. You would think after following the same exact path for a week I would know where to get off at. Of coarse I didn't and thank goodness for a boy I recognized from our school was riding the same bus - it was so ironic we NEVER see Tama High students on our way to school.
So when I finally did get to school I forgot where my classes were and I had left my schedule back at home. The teachers were really nice though and let me use theirs. They have it high lighted when I am going to be in there class - they love it! They ask me questions and want me to give examples in English and I think it's hilarious now. At first it was difficult to be put on the spot, but now I'm used to making up random sentences and describing what words mean. For example my English Composition teacher wanted me to describe experience, sip and gulp. He used the sentence "my father has experienced that job for 20 years." When I told him it was the wrong word to describe a job he wanted to know why "experienced" didn't fit. Questions like these are my challenges everyday.
Most of the boys in my classes were asleep today because of the Japan soccer game last night against Denmark. We just watched the rerun and they won 3-1.
As for food... I've just stop asking what is it all together. I've come to the conclusion that if it doesn't have eyes and still isn't moving, I don't want to know. The food is "con oshii" which means "very delicious".
After school I attending my first basketball practice and only lasted an hour! They told me it lasted for three and I almost died right there on the spot. They practice basketball everyday all year so you can only imagine how good they are. They were practicing at the speed of our varsity boys but their shooting was average. After an hour I knew I was going to get sick so I told the coach and headed towards the trashcan. When I came back it turns out they practice for and hour and twenty minutes and then train on the stage for the rest of the time. So hard core - I told them all thank you and that they were crazy:) They all laughed at my pronunciation like everyone else.
Any way when we finally did get back home, I scrubbed off and tried my first soak in the "". I was so relaxing and wonderful. The temperature is kept at 41 degrees Celsius at all times.
For dessert tonight we had Japanese cherries which are not dark red like the cherries back home - they are a mix between white and pink and are absolutely delicious. We then tried to tie the stems into knots with our tongues. Haruka was the only one to succeed :)
Oyasumi (good night)!

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