Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 8

I didn't have to go to school today because Haruka had an appointment at the YFU embassy in the middle of the day. So I just hung out at home and Skyped my family and friends. When Kasumi did get home we went to the supermarket....boy are there a bunch of weird things! A lot of items are instant or in packages which I found very interesting. The seafood section was CRAZY! Squid, tiny fish, whole fish, octopus (tentacles and all!), shrimp, etc.
Every night before dinner I have to correctly remember and pronounce "itadakimasu" which roughly translates into "let's eat!". Sometimes it takes me ten minutes but I get it. They think it's hilarious because I try to mumble it or I start guessing random vowels. Japanese is coming slowly but surely....
Haruka and I have been teaching each other our languages. We review her English pronunciation and speed and she helps me review the 40 note cards of Japanese words. We've even thrown a little Spanish in there too. She wants to be an English/Japanese/Spanish translator so I thought "why not?" The more she practices it now the less she'll have to learn later. We literally practice during study hall, after school, after dinner and everywhere in between. It's been a bit difficult so far but rewarding. You should see the faces of people when I pronounce a Japanese word correctly - they go crazy!
It's funny - I gave Haruka the new Carrie Underwood CD for a present and since then it's been playing nonstop. I don't mind, I actually think it's really sweet they want me to feel comfortable and at home - and the crazy thing is I'm actually starting to. No worries though I love my hometown and everyone in my life back home!

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